Sunday, July 19, 2009


For those of you who don’t already know, A Downline Builder helps you build downlines in multiple programs simultaneously by promoting a single site.

VitalViralPro is primarily a downline builder. However, since its launch it has evolved into so much more than just another downline builder. A downline builder is simply a program that contains referral links for a number of programs and those referral links can be replaced with your referral links.

Being aimed primarily at traffic exchange users, most of the programs within VitalViralPro are traffic exchanges but there are also list builders and other tools helpful to traffic exchange users.

VitalViralPro does so much work behind the scenes, like tracking and split testing , both of which are crucial for getting the most effective use of your credits. Tracking is so important and while most people know this, it seems few people do it and end up wasting tons of time, energy, and money by not knowing exactly where referrals are coming from and/or what splash pages/websites produce the best results for getting more referrals.

There are so many traffic exchanges, how do you know which ones to use?
Well until now you may well have relied on one of a handful of services out there that give you some kind of ranking of the traffic exchanges. These services are a great start. For example Affiliate Funnel allows people to vote for their favorite traffic exchanges. As more people vote, a picture emerges and Affiliate Funnel can take those votes and produce a top 10 or a top 50 voted traffic exchanges.

That’s a great indication but does it have relevance to what you’re promoting?
Likewise, TrafficHoopla test virtually every significant traffic exchange using their proprietary methods and come up with a more objective ranking. But it’s more objective based on the pages they use to test.

Again, is that necessarily going to apply to your pages?

Truth is, you’ll never know until you test.

VitalViralPro also has extensive statistical data on a huge number of both well-known and little-known traffic exchanges. But as a policy, VitalViral does NOT publish or use that data to publicly rank traffic exchanges.

We use that data in conjunction with other factors to determine the traffic exchanges we think should be in VitalViralPro and whether we consider them to be primary or secondary but that’s about all.

We have enough data to rule some traffic exchanges as definitely in and some as definitely out. But as for the rest, how will they work for you and what you’re promoting? Truth is, we can’t know.

So we don’t try.

Instead, we make it easy for you to test for yourself. And the great thing is, you don’t have to use the traffic exchanges that are part of the VitalViral system – the testing will work on any traffic exchange!

VitalViralPro has a feature that allows you to take one of a number of squeeze page templates and customize them to create your own unique squeeze page.
Not only that but when you promote that squeeze page anywhere VitalViralPro will record statistics on where you promoted it. So with no extra effort on your part, you could throw that link all over the place and review the data some time later and see where you got the best results.

And that data is broken down by month as well as by location – incredible considering you just have one link to promote – not so much as a tracking code at the end of the link.
And any of those lead captures can be integrated with your Aweber, TrafficWave or GetResponse

So now you’ve seen that VitalViral is a whole strategy, not just a program. And VitalViral as a program implements a great deal of testing on your behalf, leaving you with just your own business to worry about. And it helps you with that too.

Using VitalViral as directed will lead to a source of free credits that just increases exponentially over time. Check it out now and start building your downline virally.