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For those of you who don’t already know, A Downline Builder helps you build downlines in multiple programs simultaneously by promoting a single site.

VitalViralPro is primarily a downline builder. However, since its launch it has evolved into so much more than just another downline builder. A downline builder is simply a program that contains referral links for a number of programs and those referral links can be replaced with your referral links.

Being aimed primarily at traffic exchange users, most of the programs within VitalViralPro are traffic exchanges but there are also list builders and other tools helpful to traffic exchange users.

VitalViralPro does so much work behind the scenes, like tracking and split testing , both of which are crucial for getting the most effective use of your credits. Tracking is so important and while most people know this, it seems few people do it and end up wasting tons of time, energy, and money by not knowing exactly where referrals are coming from and/or what splash pages/websites produce the best results for getting more referrals.

There are so many traffic exchanges, how do you know which ones to use?
Well until now you may well have relied on one of a handful of services out there that give you some kind of ranking of the traffic exchanges. These services are a great start. For example Affiliate Funnel allows people to vote for their favorite traffic exchanges. As more people vote, a picture emerges and Affiliate Funnel can take those votes and produce a top 10 or a top 50 voted traffic exchanges.

That’s a great indication but does it have relevance to what you’re promoting?
Likewise, TrafficHoopla test virtually every significant traffic exchange using their proprietary methods and come up with a more objective ranking. But it’s more objective based on the pages they use to test.

Again, is that necessarily going to apply to your pages?

Truth is, you’ll never know until you test.

VitalViralPro also has extensive statistical data on a huge number of both well-known and little-known traffic exchanges. But as a policy, VitalViral does NOT publish or use that data to publicly rank traffic exchanges.

We use that data in conjunction with other factors to determine the traffic exchanges we think should be in VitalViralPro and whether we consider them to be primary or secondary but that’s about all.

We have enough data to rule some traffic exchanges as definitely in and some as definitely out. But as for the rest, how will they work for you and what you’re promoting? Truth is, we can’t know.

So we don’t try.

Instead, we make it easy for you to test for yourself. And the great thing is, you don’t have to use the traffic exchanges that are part of the VitalViral system – the testing will work on any traffic exchange!

VitalViralPro has a feature that allows you to take one of a number of squeeze page templates and customize them to create your own unique squeeze page.
Not only that but when you promote that squeeze page anywhere VitalViralPro will record statistics on where you promoted it. So with no extra effort on your part, you could throw that link all over the place and review the data some time later and see where you got the best results.

And that data is broken down by month as well as by location – incredible considering you just have one link to promote – not so much as a tracking code at the end of the link.
And any of those lead captures can be integrated with your Aweber, TrafficWave or GetResponse

So now you’ve seen that VitalViral is a whole strategy, not just a program. And VitalViral as a program implements a great deal of testing on your behalf, leaving you with just your own business to worry about. And it helps you with that too.

Using VitalViral as directed will lead to a source of free credits that just increases exponentially over time. Check it out now and start building your downline virally.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is TrafficHoopla just a bunch of hoopla?

Found these 2 posts in a forum and have to say I agree with what these folks are saying...too bad too many other just can't see through all the hoopla.

In my experience with Traffic Exchanges ( I've tested nearly 100 including all the allegedly "Top Ranked" and regularly sell Clickbank products on a handfull) the rankings given at the various sites like Hoopla and Aff. Funnel don't have anything to do with whether the exchange is any good.

They're like an old-time Chicago election - Bribes for votes is the SOP. I've received many free credits at various exchanges in return for my vote.
The exchanges I've found to be best mostly don't appear on any "top ten" lists.

Like anything else, the only way to know what works is to test for yourself. Most people will tell you what they want you to hear so you will use their service or buy their product.

Without going into specifics, here's how I test traffic exchanges:

I build a simple "Splash*" page offering something of value, for free.
I mean free, no opt-in required. I link the page with an adtracker and track the CTR. I run them for at least 2000 hits. If they don't pull at least .5% CTR (1click for every 200 hits) I usually test a different page for 2000 hits. If that page fails to pull .5% I go on to the next exchange.

If a test page pulls at least .5% CTR I go on to further tests.
I never run an opt-in page on an exchange. Test have shown putting an opt-in form on a landing page linked from a splash page works best. Give people something good for free, then offer them the option of further information via your opt-in form.

*"Splash" page - If you are not using "Splash" pages on traffic exchanges you are wasting your time. The Trafficwave lead capture pages are good examples of "opt-in Splash" pages. When you find a good exchange, the $35 or so for a professionally designed, unique page can be a good investment.

Note: I surf at least eight exchanges at once. In Firefox, open each in a new tab, simple go from one to the next. By the time you get back to the first it will be ready to advance to the next page. Never surf one at a time!

Best of Success!


POST #2:

I agree with Brent to a large extent.

The traffic exchange industry is a bit funny in a way,
not heehaw funny, just an insanely mad industry.

What I mean is, there are people that try to control the
traffic exchange industry. When they are handed the
right amount of money and/or they know they can make
a killing (as in money or lists), they'll claim 'that' traffic
exchange is the best.

Perhaps you have viewed some traffic exchanges that
have those various images of rankings, member of __,
and so on.

I've found, like Brent, various traffic exchanges that net
me, better results and/or results period, that were almost
unknown TX's.

I recently prelaunched a TX. It has almost 2,000 members.
Not many members at all in comparison to those TX's that
link up to the controllers. However, it is growing, and not
bad growth for a recently new traffic exchange.

Point I am making is, I know my traffic exchange would grow
a lot faster, have a lot more members, if I sold my soul to
the devil.......whoops, I mean 'controllers'.

There is a lot going on in the traffic exchange industry that
people do not realize. I'm also very aware of the scripts
being used in many traffic exchanges.....and I would not give
a dime for them.

I'm not in strong agreement about using splash pages and
optin form pages, within traffic exchanges. I think a lot just
depends on what it is you are promoting, what kind of web
page it is. Of course, if you are advertising in a traffic exchange
that has a 6 second timer (which is totally dumb, in my opinion),
then you are going to need a very short page...very short.

I don't believe marketing is a numbers game, either. Not really.
If it were just a numbers game, we would all be very wealthy.

Personally, I've found the best thing I can do is place complete
contact info on my pages. It's almost common for people to
call me after seeing my page in a traffic exchange. Some times
they are truly interested. Some times, they are wanting to
promote something to me....and that is ok....because often
the conversing continues and they become interested in what
I have to offer.


Valerie Underhill

The Power of One - by Brian Rooney, owner of TrafficWave

Do You Realize The Power Of One?

When a new member becomes an Affiliate, they are at least initially intrigued by the amount of money available via our Affiliate plan.

It doesn't take long to see that with just a bit of effort, a very sizable income is possible to those that are ready to really dig in and get to work.

The challenge is that many people seem to give in to the 30 day curse.

This is what happens when someone buys into the idea of making a huge income within 30 days or the opportunity just "isn't working". These folks typically end up just bouncing from one "opportunity" to the next looking for that magic lottery ticket instead of actually focusing on building a solid long-term successful business.

Amazingly... they spend years getting themselves into a financial predicament and then expect to simply enroll, hang out for 30 days, and watch their financial picture change overnight.

If you fit that particular profile, you are going to be sorely disappointed but I'd rather just let you know right up front. The Affiliate Plan rewards diligence and solid business approach. This is not a lottery system or a "sign up and get rich" system. By introducing other small business and home-based business operators to our AutoResponder system, you can build a very lucrative income for yourself.

Now, we do have people that join us and seem to really take off in a big way. Most of the time, these are people that already had a list of their own from previous marketing ventures and they are able to "kick start" their business by tapping in to those lists. This is great and we love to see that sort of success.

But the reality is that even the most basic beginner can make
a tremendous income with this system if they do a few things consistently:

1) Realize from the very beginning that this is an actual business and is going to require some time and effort on your part.

2) Take at least a part-time approach instead of a spare time approach. If you focus and dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day, you can at least begin learning this system and start building your income.

But you have to truly set that time aside. Wake up 30 minutes earlier.... stay up 30 minutes later... skip a sitcom episode on TV.

The bottom line is that if you truly want to succeed, you will. But you have to decide and commit to your own success.

3) Set goals based on reality... not pipe dreams and hype. Would we all like to some how magically join that "right" opportunity and watch our bank accounts spill over the top with new deposits? Sure. I'd take that money and have a great time with it.

But here is the reality: Those "overnight success stories" we all are so fond of reading about usually take years to develop. What we just about never hear about is the story where today's millionaire was close to bankruptcy just a couple of years ago. We don't read about the number of nights they just didn't go to sleep but worked through the night on various ideas, opportunities, business plans, etc....

Instead, once someone does realize the fruit of their efforts and achieves some level of success, the media jump all over it and make it sound like this guy was just sitting around one day and POOF! A great idea knocked him out of his chair and he was rich the next day.

Believe me. It didn't happen that way.

You joined us because you saw the possibilities for yourself. You looked at the system and said, "You know... this really makes sense. I bet I can do this."

And at that moment you caught the vision. So let's take a moment or two to find out how you can measure our progress and achieve your goals.

I have put together some numbers based on something that is very simple and very powerful. I call it:

The Power Of One:

This concept is based on you getting just one new referral each month and teaching that referral to do the same thing.

Understand that this will not cause you to become wealthy overnight. In fact, for the first few months, it may seem like not much is happening at all. But if you stick to the plan, the results can absolutely amaze you.

Here's how the numbers play out over 12 months:

In your first month, you are learning the system. You are reading the training articles and figuring out how things work. By following the training and promoting your site, you are able to refer 1 new Affiliate.

You work with them, showing them how and where to find the training articles, how to promote, etc... and they refer 1 new Affiliate.

You now have 2 Affiliates in your organization and you have earned a Fast Track Bonus. Depending on what you spent for advertising, leads, etc... you probably didn't even break even.

This is where the whiners begin to say things like, "I am spending more money than I'm making. This doesn't work."

And they quit.

But not you. You know that success is a matter of focusing on and working toward your goal of financial independence. You know that if you could make just a few hundred extra dollars per month, your family's situation would change in a big way. So you continue pressing toward your goals.

In Month 2, you continue working with and supporting your 2 other Affiliates. You are showing them how to refer others and it is working. They each get a new Affiliate. You refer a new Affiliate yourself.

You now have a total of 5 Affiliates and you have earned another Fast Track along with a small Regular Commission check.

In Month 3, you continue this same process. You show each of your Affiliates how to personally refer 1 new Affiliate and you refer another one yourself.

That's another Fast Track Bonus and your Regular Commissions are going up. You're not exactly rolling in the big bucks yet but you are seeing progress.

In the meantime, Affiliates that have given up are sending you ads about how they have found the latest and greatest thing and you really should join them. This is probably their fourth or fifth "great deal" in the past 3 months.

You shake your head, invite them to come back and work with your team and then focus on building your business.

In Month 4, you continue this process. By now, you are earning enough in Regular Commissions that you are more than covering the monthly subscription fee for your account.

You continue to receive Fast Track Bonuses because you are referring at least one new Affiliate. Your Regular Commissions are going up because your organization is doing the same thing. Your team is working together and things are starting to pick up.

In Month 5, this keeps going and because you are personally referring new Affiliates, you are now qualified for the 25% Leadership Bonus. You may even be seeing some profits now.

In Month 6, you are starting to see things build up some solid momentum. Your Regular commissions took a nice jump and your Leadership Bonus is building up quite nicely.

By Month 7, you are really glad you stuck with the system. Your team is working together very well. Your organization and your checks continue to grow. This is starting to feel easy. (You and your team are building momentum).

By Month 8, you're earning enough to cover a very nice car payment, maybe pay off some credit card bills, or have a little getaway weekend with your spouse or friends.

By Month 9, you are really getting excited. You are starting to see several hundred dollars per month and you know that things are going to keep building because you are more focused than ever. You are probably referring more than one Affiliate per month now and you've got some folks on your team that are really starting to take off.

By month 10, you crossed over into that area where you are making over $1,000 per month in Regular Commissions and you are now in the 50% Leadership Bonus range! Congratulations!

You've stuck with your plan this far and it is really starting to pay off.

By Month 11, you are starting to think about firing your boss! (Or at least paying off some of those debts). Your income is high enough now that most people would be able to consider quitting their regular jobs and doing this full-time.

By Month 12, you're making the kind of income that most people just dream about and you're doing it from home on your computer. By now, friends and family are starting to ask, "What are you doing now?" and things are so much easier than when you started.

Here is how the numbers really stack up with my "Power Of One" approach:

Month 1: 2 Affiliates

Month 2: 5 Affiliates

Month 3: 11 Affiliates

Month 4: 23 Affiliates

Month 5: 47 Affiliates

Month 6: 95 Affiliates

Month 7: 191 Affiliates

Month 8: 383 Affiliates

Month 9: 767 Affiliates

Month 10: 1,535 Affiliates

Month 11: 3,071 Affiliates

Month 12: 6,142 Affiliates

And because you are qualifying for the 50% Leadership Bonus each month, your income is truly unlimited and you are doing very very well. You are getting Fast Track Bonuses, Regular Monthly Commissions, and 50% Leadership Bonuses. Life is good!

Now for the hard cold facts:

Most people in life give up before they ever get to see these kinds of results. If you were to set out on a journey from New York City to Los Angeles, you would cover well over 2,000 miles... closer to 3,000 miles before you even saw Los Angeles looming in the distance.

Imagine going 2,500 miles and then quitting. You didn't reach LA at all. You might even go back to New York and tell people, "Los Angeles doesn't exist. That whole thing is just a scam to get you to buy more gas and drive a lot.". Of course, there are millions of people living in Los Angeles. They know it exists. You just didn't finish the journey. To reach the desination, you MUST COMPLETE THE JOURNEY!

Your results will vary from this chart. This chart assumes a perfect mathematical world. As we all know and experience, the world is not a perfect place and things do change.

I know Affiliates that are WAY ahead of schedule on this plan and I know Affiliates that are a little behind schedule.

If your business is not growing at this rate, that's OK. You can catch up, believe me. If your income level matches Month 3, Month 4, or Month 1 (regardless of when you actually started) then commit today to begin working from that point forward.

Say to yourself, "OK... I'm at Month X... I am going to start from here and focus all the way through Month 12 and beyond."

Go back and review the Training Articles and your Affiliate Plan. Let it sink in just how simple this plan really is. We have been in business since the year 2000 which is amazing in the world of Internet marketing.

Thanks to some tremendous leaders, we are growing like never before. People are starting to catch on to the power of picking and working with a solid company with a proven track record instead of bouncing from one hyped up offer to another.

When you see how powerful this system is; is commit to doing two things:

1) WORKING the plan consistently for at least a year.

2) Teaching your organization how to do the same.

Some will fall away. This is a fact of life. Some will stay right on course. Others will exceed your expectations and this plan.

The point is to focus and stick with it to see the results you want.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Your upline is just a click away in your Affiliate Report.

Your fellow Affiliates are just a click away in the Member Discussion Forum.

Your Tech Support is just a click away in the Online Support Forum.

I want to see you succeed and I am looking forward to great things for you!

Isn't it time you tested The Power of One? And why not do it with a program that's been tested for years and really does work?

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Boost traffic to your website for free

Many people set up websites and hold their breath for the thunderous traffic to reach them. After a few weeks of loneliness, they contact their web designer to find out why no one has visited them. The usual answer is that it takes a while for the search engines to find you and index your pages.

What you never seem to hear is that the web designers are correct and wrong at the same time. The biggest mistake made by people who want to promote their business on the web is to do the promoting last.

If you are going to build a website that people are interested in, start by identifying your audience. a great way to do this is to blog. Setting up a blog takes a fraction of the time it takes to build a website and you can begin adding content immediately.

Blogging is a great free website promotion tool but it's also a great way to test a market. You can ensure your efforts will not be wasted if you test your content and business model with a blog first.

Let's say you had a plan for an online flea clothing business. You figure that pet owners who raise fleas will want to give them the best of everything. As a flea owner yourself, you know how happy your fleas are when they are warm and cozy.

Rather than start an online store, first get connected to the market. Create your blog, promote it and work your way up the search engines using article marketing. This will allow you to build readership and provide useful content for your website when you are finished.

If you can build traffic to your blog in a month, you know that you have a viable market. Create a few videos to promote the blog and offer to sign up subscribers to an email list. You can give them exclusive information on flea clothing and flea care before your website is finished.

If you take the effort to build your audience and build your online credibility, you will find it very easy to build traffic to your site once it is completed. You find it easier to increase website traffic and build targeted traffic to your website once you are able to use blogging as a point man for your web project.

Internet traffic is not easy if you make it the last thing you do in site construction. You will need some measure of website optimization and promotion after you complete your site, but you will find it a whole lot easier if you establish a few blogs first to quickly establish your keyword SEO strategy.

This free website promotion strategy can make the difference between a costly failure and online success.

There are hundreds of free options to choose from when building web traffic. The ones you choose must meet your current goals. Use the tools that generate traffic that brings you a profit. Help your business generate traffic and meet your profit goals. Start generating your free traffic today:

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My Instant Biz

In today's economy, people are looking for a better, faster, and easier way to at least supplement their current income. Many are looking to quit the J O B they’re currently doing and start making a living from the comforts of their own home. But there are thousands upon thousands of online business opportunities from which to choose from and some you must beware of as they’re nothing short of scams. I’m here to introduce you to a real, no nonsense, take you by the hand and teach you step by step business that yields real results and puts real cash in YOUR pocket! And the glory is you don’t have to know anything more than how to turn on a computer and click a mouse.

Margaret Albright gave up her job as a truck driver when gas prices skyrocketed to an unbelievable price. She quit working for someone else and has developed a very profitable program called My Instant Business. Her program begins with a free 10-page Guide which provides a comprehensive description of the program itself. By requesting the Guide, you can decide for yourself, whether or not this program is for you.

The primary focus of My Instant Businessis a superior affiliate program that goes 10 levels deep and most importantly generates cash for YOU. You can assess the program for 30-days without incurring a dime to put yourself at rest that this program really does work.

But the real beauty of the program is the small amount of time you put in to start generating an income. Members that put in 1-hour per day are earning very nice incomes already. You will be amazed at what just a little commitment and motivation on your part can do for your income by using this program for that measly 1 hour per day. Focus is the only other factor involved. As long as you maintain your focus and follow Margaret’s easy to understand instructions, you will begin to generate a income working online. It’s really that simple!

Even if you don’t know how to promote, advertise, or market your business, you have nothing to worry about as Margaret’s already taken care of this for you too. Margaret has created several compelling lead capture pages, banners, text ads and even solo ads you can use to promote your business. Her Guide literally takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how and even where to market your new business. She’s left nothing to chance so you can succeed like the rest of us do.

Are you still unsure? Do you still have questions? Again, there’s no need to worry as Margaret’s opened a members only forum where you can get answers to any questions you may have. I’ve been online for over 7 years now and have never seen an opportunity as good as My Instant Biz. My profits double each and every month and will soon triple so there’s no way I’m walking away from this biz op, but it’s very likely I’ll be walking away from my other J O B very soon…if I haven’t already done so by the time you read this.

It’s time for you get onboard and start making money without relying on someone else for a paycheck. I even sweeten the deal for those that join under my or any member in my downline by offering you 2 free upgrades at ClickingCrazy and TrafficTroll for as long as you remain a member. And you can also find some great advertising resources in My Blog. Now that’s some great free advertising to go along with an awesome online business opportunity!


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Here's a cool advertising tool

Hi everyone,

How would you like to get effective email marketing at an affordable price? WebTrafficMarketing offers effective email marketing which allows you to get the word out for your business with only one push of the button! And best of all, it's S/PAM F/REE!!

Send your ad to over 2.7 million recipients with each blast. WebTraficMarketing provides everything you need, including the newest and fastest email server on the market, the massive email database, and the visual tools you need in order to design an effective email ad.

Consistently rated at the Net’s top email marketing service. Click the link below to see full details!




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RobsNetworker-The System!!

Allow me to show you a powerful system that will help you generate signups and leads via Traffic Exchanges and Social Networks. Really anywhere you advertise for that matter..

1. Join Robs Networkers Forum.

Join RobsNetworkers Forum if you are not a Member.

Once you register and confirm your membership (check your email for confirmation) then you'll want to post in the Welcome Section. Tell them who reffered you. I also urge you to come to one of our Sunday night conferences, at 8:30 PM ET, we have them every Sunday. I'll tell you how to come into our conference room in our next step.

2. Conference Room
Save this file to a location you'll remember Hot Conference
After the file is done, go ahead and locate the file and run it, or if the download window is still open click 'Run'.
Follow the on screen instructions to install the conference room on your computer.
After the room is installed go ahead and run the conference room, there should be a icon on you desktop, or it will be in your start menu, under all programs.
You may have to disable your firewall or just allow the conference room to download any updates.
If you use Vista you'll have to right click on the icon for the conference room on your desktop or in the start menu, and click 'run as adminsitrator' for the updates to install.
Now the conference room should be working, if not post in the Robs Networkers Traffic Era group and we'll help you.

IMPORTANT!:- We also have Training in this conference which you are welcome to come to. Check the schedule here.

3. Download the Firefox Browser by Mozilla

FireFox is a powerful Web browser.
It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser. Multiple pages can be saved as a GROUP and reopened together. You will be able to surf faster and earn more credits than ever before. We'll come back to FireFox in a later step.

4. Now, we need traffic to our Website

Setting up Your Lead Capture Page

Sign up for as many as you can or don't have. IMPORTANT!:- When you join these programs make sure to save all the URLs- both for your surf pages and for your referral links! Traffic Exchanges are the perfect vehicle for this.

The following are my personal Recommendations:

Traffic Exchanges

These are completely free, manual exchanges. All of these are cheat proof, so you are assured of a quality visits. The link you place in an exchange is where you want all your earned traffic to go to. You can opt to advertise anything you like. Just make sure that you send all your traffic to it and that it is a Free Program or Lead Capture Page where you get the pertinent details of your prospect; like your Blogger Lead Capture Page you created above!

I recommend that you update your Blog Weekly. You can mix business and non business topics; or simply have 2 Separate Blogs. It is the active posting that gets your Blog noticed by the search engines. Keep in mind that each Blog entry you do has a separate URL; this is found at the top of each post/article that you write. You can mouse over the title to see what this URL is. To grab it, simply write click on it, choose properties, and copy it to your clipboard. This becomes important for when you are advertising your Blogspot Lead Capture Page, you want to advertise it specifically, not your entire Blog. Blogging starts the beginning of Web 2.0; giving you the opportunity to find a whole new set of clients/customers/prospects. Another great Web 2.0 feature is Facebook; which I discuss further down. One other point about BlogSpot - - - at the top of your Blog there is an area that says NEXT BLOG. Take a look at the other Blogs that are out there; follow as many as you can for many Bloggers will follow you back. This gives you more readers who can possibly become leads/clients/customer for you!

5. Setting Up Your FireFox

Adding to the Bookmarks:

Open up Mozilla FireFox
Top of Page click 'Bookmarks'
From drop down menu click 'Manage Bookmarks'
Second line click 'New Folder' [name folder for your groups of exchanges you want to surf. For example Group 1, Group 2, Group 3]
Close bookmark window
Go back to FireFox main page
Copy and paste a surfing url into the browser
Open the surfing page
At top of page click 'Bookmark'
From drop down menu click 'Bookmark this page'
In the drop down menu you will see the 'Name' of the exchange you just bookmarked
From the 'Folder:' box, select which group you want this exchange to be opened in
Click OK.
Repeat these procedures for each surfing url you want to bookmark

To Open these pages for surfing:

Bring up the Mozilla page
Click 'Bookmark' at top of page
Then go to the folder you want to surf [for example group 1 folder]
Then at the bottom of that floder click 'Open All in Tabs'
Each of the exchanges you placed in the group will appear in a line [ of tabs ] near the top of the [ browser ] page
Click them [ the tabs ] left to right, each opens up, click what you need to, go to the next, click, and so on.

Assuming you have selected the correct URL to focus all your traffic to; you should be receiving signups/optins and getting notices into your email account. At this point, begin making contact with your new prospect and help them get setup and become familiarized with our system. Good modes of communication are simple emails, Messenger, and the Telephone. You can also use a responder to continue followup after you have contacted them manually. Later on, I will have hosting and autoresponder recommendations for you. Also, if they leave a phone number; give the lead a call and start building a business relationship with them. Studies have shown that this type of relationship building is the key to building trust/credibility with a lead. Voice contact is key.

Download Windows Live Messenger Below:
My MSN/Windows Live ID is preshious9
Windows Live Messenger

I recommend entering every lead/signup/optin you generate into your Messenger contact manager. If they are already a Messenger user they will show immediately either on or offline. If they are not a Messenger user; they will be sent a download link and you may add a personal greeting as well. I cannot begin to tell you how successful this method is. I can personally vouch for this method; for it has made me more successful here on the net than I would have ever dreamed possible.

6. If you have a slow connection and/or not very powerful computer, opening eight to ten pages at the same time may be too much In this case, try surfing fewer pages until your computer is running fast enough that you are happy with it. My suggestion would be to group them together in groups of four which seems to be the most practical.

7. The power surfing will bring tons of hits to your site. Leads/Signups will result. You'll want to bring all your leads into Robs Networkers for training and support.

8. Join FaceBook Subscribe to our FB Group if you are a FB Member
Wow, saved the best for last here. My recommendations are as follows:
1) Go to Friends and use the Friend Finder to Build your contact list. It will look at your email, your messengers, and even your other social networks.
2) Use the Online Messenger at the bottom left to keep in touch with your growing friends list. Remember, this is for business and personal.
3) Join great groups like Robs Networkers
4) Look into the various applications for RSS Readers, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 topics. You see, Web 2.0 puts you into the action. No longer do you wait for them to come to go to them......THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!

Thanks For Your Consideration.....Good Luck With The System! Stay in Touch! Please contact me with your feedback and comments about this system and any questions you have.

Have a Great Day!

Debbie Becchetti

Sumter, SC, 29150

United States


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Join RobsNetworkers

By filling the form below, I will send you info on how to join the most SUCCESSFUL and DYNAMIC Group on the Net, ROBS NETWORKERS! If you are not a member of RobsNetworkers; you can join from the page provided after you fill in the form. You will also receive instructions via email.

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