Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making money with nothing to sell!!

Did you know you could generate a large income from Traffic Exchanges without selling ANY business opportunity?

Well, you can!

Most of the TEs have affiliate programs that pay commissions for all referrals who upgrade their memberships to professional levels.

If you are generating income with your surfing, you should seriously consider upgrading as your budget allows.

You are simply re-investing some of your earnings in order to generate more traffic in less time, resulting in even more profit. Using the VitalViralPro System, you can start generating a positive return immediately.

Personally, I have upgraded memberships in ALL of the TEs that I surf on a regular basis. The upgrades return a profit through sales of VitalViralPro, TrafficWave, and upgraded referrals in Traffic Exchanges... to name a just a few.

But, if you are just starting on a tight budget, it's hard to know where to start.

Which exchange should you upgrade in first?

Traffic-Splash AND

Traffic-Splash and TrafficWitch have become two of my favorite exchanges with a clean interface and tons of goodies. The traffic is very responsive, largely due to the number of new people joining daily.

Traffic-Splash offers 50% commissions and TrafficWitch offers 75%, but they're also great places to earn by referring others.

# both are in the top-ranked exchanges
# Both are the fastest growing exchanges
# Earn up to 750/600 hits an hour

The hits are flowing and the numbers are growing.

but most importantly, tracking shows these as 2 of the best traffic exchanges for getting signups...many of which upgrade and make me some easy cash.

Traffic-Splash AND

Splash on in...or fly on in your broom...either way you win!

To your success,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bill Carr's lightbulb moment

From the owner of traffichoopla..

This just may be your light bulb moment.

I remember, as if it was yesterday, my light bulb moment. I had
spent months reading, learning, joining, and hitting my head
against the computer screen. All I really wanted to know, and
desperately, was how to build a successful online business.

Then, all a sudden, my light bulb moment.

Here it is ---

1. Ongoing daily traffic is everything. Get it, you succeed.
Don't get it, you fail.

2. To get traffic, you must advertise --- promote, publicize,
communicate. Yes, it is work.

3. Refer others, earning referral rewards, most often in the form
of traffic. Online, not difficult at all.

4. Your advertising + Viral Marketing + Referral Rewards = Ongoing
Daily Traffic

5. Focus only on the current best to increase your traffic and
maximize your productivity.

There it is in a nutshell. Your light bulb moment?

I will give you more.

1 - Ongoing Daily Traffic is everything. Get it, you succeed.
Don't get it, you fail.
It is everything. It is the master key.

Do not get this wrong, as most do. Making a sale is an end result,
not a beginning. Get the traffic first, and ongoing, and the sales
will come. This is why we repeatedly, and with encouragement,
instruct people to build traffic first, then your business. The
average person treats their online work as if playing the lottery,
with a focus on the jackpot. I am sorry, it just does not work
that way. Build it, one step at time, with a focus on traffic
first, and ongoing, and you will soon do well.

Yes, it takes time, hard work, consistency, and diligence. Are you
up for it? Most are not, and fail. I was, and am up for the
challenge, and experienced great success. Just do it.

2 - To get traffic, you must advertise, which is, promoting,
publicizing, communicating, all the above. Yes, it is work, hard
work at times. But there is no way around it. To build a
business, including online, requires time, hard work, consistency,
diligence, and such.

Think about it. When I was a kid, my dad suggested I mow lawns in
the neighborhood for extra money. I immediately got all excited,
dreamed of having dozens of customers, imagined having a pocket
full of money, thought about all the toys I could buy. And exactly
one week later, I had nothing. Why? Because I did not get the
word out. So I then created a small flyer, put it on a few doors,
and picked up one customer. Although I was happy for the one, it
was not what I had dreamed up. And it was not until I really
advertised, more flyers, more doors, and repeatedly, that I got the
number of customers I hoped for. I did, all was good for me, and I
learned a life long lesson about advertising.

Do you see it?

3 - Refer others, earning referral rewards, most often as traffic.
Online, not difficult at all.

Have you noticed? Most online advertising resources will greatly
reward you for referring others. For example, you refer a person,
and the advertising resource will give you a bonus amount of
traffic as a thank you for doing so. And in addition, it is
common, you will also earn a percentage of their business, mostly
in traffic, often, commissions too.

So here it goes. You refer someone, and for example, you get 50
hits for doing so. In addition, as this person uses the
advertising resource, you get, again for example, 10% of their
traffic. And then, you will also get a percentage of traffic from
their referrals, 5 downline levels deep.

Want more? Ok. You refer 10 people to this top ranked advertising
resource, and you get bonus traffic for each. As these 10 people
use the advertising resource, you get a percentage of all their
traffic. And, if/as these people go to refer others, you will also
get a percentage of their traffic.

The picture is you refer a small group, they refer a small group,
or also does the same, and it continues, and you reap a bountiful
traffic harvest.

Now, multiple these referral rewards many times over, as your
Traffic Hoopla includes 30 current top ranked advertising
resources, and each person you refer to your Traffic Hoopla,
potentially follows you to all, and you earn from all.

This is exactly how you will build, long term, ongoing daily
traffic. And the opportunity, potential, is unlimited.

4 - Your advertising + Viral Marketing + Referral Rewards = Ongoing
Daily Traffic

Your advertising is you use all the current top ranked advertising
resources to promote your Traffic Hoopla. Get the word out,
publicize, communicate, to get signups.

Viral Marketing, also called word-of-mouth marketing, is you get
signups, who also get signups, and it multiples, and continues,
into a feeding frenzy.

Earning Referral Rewards are the name of the game. Earn traffic
from your work, those you refer, and those they refer, and on and
on and on.

The end result equals ongoing daily traffic. And note, even the
most successful online businesses never cease to build traffic.
The point is to run, grow, and thrive, continuously.

5. Focus only on the current best to increase your traffic and
maximize your productivity.

There are literally thousands and thousands of online advertising
resources, and most are worthless, in that they generate no
activity and no results. However, there are those that are
thriving, and we make sales from these every single day.

From experience, we take nothing for face value and test
everything. What we really want to know is the resource running,
growing, and thriving. And if it is, then it is exactly where we
want to be.

No, we do not take surveys here. No voting, no top-sites, no
sponsorship, no joint-venture, no good ole boy club. We simply and
consistently test, and rank, based on statistical testing data
only. Then, we focus on the current best.

Does this make sense? Do you see it? Now go to follow our
instructions, do as we do, and soon you will reap a bountiful
traffic harvest.

To your light bulb moment,