Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making money with nothing to sell!!

Did you know you could generate a large income from Traffic Exchanges without selling ANY business opportunity?

Well, you can!

Most of the TEs have affiliate programs that pay commissions for all referrals who upgrade their memberships to professional levels.

If you are generating income with your surfing, you should seriously consider upgrading as your budget allows.

You are simply re-investing some of your earnings in order to generate more traffic in less time, resulting in even more profit. Using the VitalViralPro System, you can start generating a positive return immediately.

Personally, I have upgraded memberships in ALL of the TEs that I surf on a regular basis. The upgrades return a profit through sales of VitalViralPro, TrafficWave, and upgraded referrals in Traffic Exchanges... to name a just a few.

But, if you are just starting on a tight budget, it's hard to know where to start.

Which exchange should you upgrade in first?

Traffic-Splash AND

Traffic-Splash and TrafficWitch have become two of my favorite exchanges with a clean interface and tons of goodies. The traffic is very responsive, largely due to the number of new people joining daily.

Traffic-Splash offers 50% commissions and TrafficWitch offers 75%, but they're also great places to earn by referring others.

# both are in the top-ranked exchanges
# Both are the fastest growing exchanges
# Earn up to 750/600 hits an hour

The hits are flowing and the numbers are growing.

but most importantly, tracking shows these as 2 of the best traffic exchanges for getting signups...many of which upgrade and make me some easy cash.

Traffic-Splash AND

Splash on in...or fly on in your broom...either way you win!

To your success,

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