Monday, December 20, 2010

MLM Duplication = MLM Training

What Would Your Downline Look Like If They Were Duplicating Your Efforts?

Here is what I always ask my downline members:

"Look into a mirror and ask yourself--if you would want to recruit new members just like yourself". Duplication starts with YOU!!

If your answer is "No Way", why not?

If your answer is "YES" I need more people just like myself, then you need to lay out the steps your downline needs to take to be a successful online earner and implement them. We call this Training and IF

you're truly successful online, then you should have no problems providing training to your downline members.

At EAAT, we've already done the BASIC training for you, so all you really have to do is point your downline members to the FREE training in their members area. And of course be sure you've gone through the training yourself and implemented it so you are able to answer any questions your downline members may have.

3 Steps to Duplication

Have a simple system: At EAAT, the Basic training can be used as it's own system or with a system set up that will allow you to track your efforts, sift through prospects and determine which prospects are worthy of assistance from you.. It's important that you welcome new members and let them know you're there to assist them should they need any help. This duplication process must be successfully implemented by all your downline members so they're successful too. Always remember, you'll be more successful if you're downline members are successful, so it's well worth it to stay in touch and make sure they understand how to work the system put in place at EAAT. And be sure to let them know about the the training provided at NPN so they'll know how to use trackers, rotators, and autoresponders in a profitable manner.

Set attainable goals: For instance, your goal can be to get two new members at EAAT each day or each week - whatever YOU can achieve. Use the EAAT system to do this, welcome each new member, offer them assistance and if you do your job right you will sponsor 10% or more into your NPN business. It's really a simple system and it really does work quite well at EAAT and all the hard work is already done for you.

Be a Leader: Leadership begins with you. Lead by example, do the daily tasks and you'll see results. Lead by action, do the daily tasks and you'll see the results. Take time to understand the EAAT and NPN systems, know the benefits of both and be able to explain them to your new members.

The root cause of success in network marketing or mlm or whatever you want to call it is a "steady source" of new members/leads. Use your strategy to teach others to set attainable goals; such as getting 2 qualified prospects per day/week/month...whatever works for them. Imagine how fast your business could grow if everyone in your downline was receiving 30-50 leads or more per month.

The bottom line is that you can be a success with or without others, but you can be more successful if you can teach others to duplicate your successful efforts! EAAT makes it easy for you or anyone who's serious about earning online to be successful with the power system that's in place there.

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